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Settling in your new SOSCat

Adopting an adult cat is a deeply rewarding experience as these cats make fine companions .. adult cats do adapt well to new homes .. but just like us when we move house .. we need a little time to settle in .. rehoming can be quite traumatic for your pet as they may have been uprooted from the only home they have ever known; or if they have been in a pound or shelter .. life would have been pretty stressful.

The first step is the journey home .. most cats do not particularly enjoy car travel so use a secure pet carrier and start off slowly and smoothly.

Once home ensure the environment is calm and quiet .. it is exciting to bring your new pet home but keep things low key .. confine your pet to one room at first so the cat can adjust to the smells and sounds of this new strange place .. this will help your cat to feel secure and then they can slowly be introduced to resident pets and other family members over the coming days.

The Purrfect Welcome

Have your cat's room ready with a clean litter tray and fresh water .. which should be available at all times .. keep the litter tray away from the feeding area as no one likes to eat next to the toilet.

A nice cosy bed or comfy chair to sleep in and perhaps some toys or scratching post would be welcome.

Do not be discouraged if your new cat hides in the wardrobe or behind the couch .. this is quite normal and as your new friend learns to trust you and become part of the family things will improve .. patience and tender loving care is all that is needed.

Avoid making changes to the cats food as they will feel more at home with familiar food .. make changes gradually by adding the new food to the previous food.

Check which cat litter has been used previously and add new types of litter gradually until the cat is used to the one you prefer .. clumping cat litters soak up urine as well as solids however there are several types of litter available .. do not use clumping cat litter for kittens as they can digest small amounts and this can cause a blockage and the kitten could die .. all litter trays must be cleared of waste daily and changed weekly .. remember cats are very clean and if the litter tray is dirty or smells the cat may toilet some where else .. imagine if you had to use a dirty or smelly toilet .. you would not .. you would use somewhere clean.

If there are children in the family talk to them about the new arrival especially about NOT pulling tails and if the children are young always supervise them when with your pet.

Cats love playing in cardboard boxes .. with small balls of newspaper and small objects tied to string or ribbon .. great for children to learn how to play at a safe distance with the cat and also lots of fun for both.

Keep your cat confined to the house for minimum of two weeks .. supervise on their first excursion outside for about half an hour and then extend these periods until you are sure they are safe and secure in their new garden . . all cats should be brought in at night for their dinner and then kept inside until the morning.

Introducing the cat to your resident cat or dog .. even though your resident pets may have been close or raised with another cat .. this is a NEW cat and they will both need time to build the same friendship as with your previous cat .. supervise closely on the first introduction preferably through a screen or security door .. there may be some anxiety on the part of the cat usually hissing or tail and hair raised up .. continue these meetings over the next few days until the reactions of fear have eased .. feed both cats in sight of each other but do not allow one to take over or eat the others food .. gradually move them closer together as the relationship grows until they are quite relaxed in each others company.

Remember that a dog can easily kill a cat .. it is the pressure of the dog's jaws on internal organs that can cause severe injury and death within minutes .. a cat cannot kill a dog .. in particular .. always supervise outside introductions as well and ensure that your cat can get back into the house through a cat door or can easily jump up high to safety if needed .. do not allow the dog to push or grab or chase the cat .. overzealous play can be dangerous if left unchecked .. friendship with animals is the same with humans .. it takes time .. however .. with patience and reassurance from you to your pets .. your cat and your dog will become the best of friends.

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