SOSCats in Cairns Queensland Australia

SOSCats in Cairns Queensland Australia

Predators and Enclosures

There are many predators that you need to protect your cat from .. two legged .. four legged and no legs .. the first being humans .. the second dogs and other cats .. the third is snakes and we have not included the danger from cars!

The way to eliminate these dangers to your pet is to keep your cat inside but in most circumstances this is not a practical solution .. so build an enclosure that will keep your cats happy safe and protected.

A custom built enclosure can be very expensive but if cost is not a factor and the cats home is permanent and you own the home this is the way to go.

Cat Max build cyclone proof enclosures and each enclosure is quoted for your specific needs .. the enclosure can be built to include patio .. garage or car port.

A more reasonable alternative is to build your own .. cat netting is available on-line from  and they also include all fittings and full instructions to construct your own made-to-measure enclosure.

The enclosure can be attached simply to the side of the dwelling .. attached to your fence or free standing .. you must ensure that the cat can be protected from the weather and able to access inside through a cat door or window flap when necessary.

There are many examples on the website from other cat owners who have constructed their specific enclosures .. hammocks .. shelves .. tunnels and logs can be added by you as finances permitt.

Your cat is able to be outside in the sunshine .. stimulated by the sights and sounds of your garden or yard and safe at the same time .. you can enjoy this enclosure as well with the addition of pot plants .. chairs and table for you to enjoy the company of your cat and vice versa.

Unlike a dog most cats are not street wise .. no pet owner wants the heartbreak of their beloved pet being attacked by a stray dog .. eaten by a snake or run over by a car or worse just disappear .. therefore if you want your cat to live their 9 lives out intact .. this wil mean an enclosure is essential.

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