Do you have a Secret Cat in your street?

Do you have a Secret Cat in your street?

Research conducted and posted on has shown that 40% of cat owners are secretly feeding a cat they do not own .. compassionate cat-lovers across the country are giving outdoor kitties extra help .. wild .. stray or homeless .. whatever you call them they are our Community Cats.

Advice on what to do after you start feeding a stray cat is limited .. mostly it is call the council or a refuge .. in fact most cats taken to council pounds and refuges have up to an 80% risk of being euthanized.

Some times it can be a difficult and long process to rehome a socialized and friendly cat and often a stray that is extremely distrustful of people .. and with good reason .. does not have a chance.

If a secret or community cat is healthy and happy in the street or your home area then a shelter is not always the best option.

However the key to all of this is to get the stray or unowned cat to a vet for desexing .. a desexed cat is much happier and contented and so is the neighborhood.

Male cats wander .. fight .. howl and spray .. habits which are not appreciated by anyone .. female cats also wander .. call for a mate and of course can have a litter by or before the age of six months .. and then the problem has multiplied.

SOS Cats in Cairns is happy to offer advice and assistance to help you get your secret cat desexed .. the cat can then return to their area where you can continue to help them live out their lives in relative safety .. this is called Trap Neuter Return (TNR).

The majority of cats who are rescued through this method settle down and become quite domesticated within a short period of time .. they are healthier as they are not constantly battling for territory and food and gradually their confidence and trust will grow.
In my experience these cats never leave the confines of the home street or area and are as regular as clockwork when it comes to their meals.

These cats know what it is like to be starving for days and weeks and will never miss a meal .. come rain .. hail or snow.

You will be rewarded by the development of their love for you by a meow in greeting .. a leg rub or in time a tolerance of a gentle pat on the head.

SOS Cats Cairns work closely with a very pro-active and compassionate Veterinary Clinic in Cairns which is willing to assist with the humane treatment of homeless street cats.

To quote Carolsferals in the USA .. Just because you cannot touch them doesn't mean you cannot help them.

For advice and assistance please contact SOS Cats via the details on the Contacts Page.

This group of homeless cats was adopted by the community where they lived and are regularly fed and cared for by all.
A successful community effort

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