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The name FERAL which is given to any stray or unowned cat immediately suggests that the cat is a pest .. in the majority of cases the cat was once an owned cat or is the direct descendant of an owned cat.

There are several methods of controlling stray cats.

Trapping and Killing:
This does little for the environment and only serves to temporarily remove the problem .. cats are territorial and often co-habit in small groups or colonies and if one or the majority are removed and killed there is always one who is not.

The problem starts all over again with one important difference .. any remaining cats become difficult to trap because they have learnt that traps are very dangerous and there is no return.

Removing the resident cats creates a vacuum and another cat will move into the area .. this is an inhumane solution as the cat pays the price with its life.

Trapping and Adoption:
This can be very rewarding and is an important part of rescue as there are abandoned adoptable cats and kittens who respond well to a safe and loving home where they are fed on a daily basis.

In my experience these rescued cats very rarely leave the yard as they know what it is like to exist from day to day .. starving .. cold .. wet .. fearful and often fighting sickness and injury.

These cats are trapped .. vet checked .. desexed .. vaccinated and microchipped and then fostered in a safe loving home to resocialise them .. their true characters then become apparent after they have settled in and patience and kindness are the keys to a successful adoption ..

TNR (Trap .. Neuter and Return):
This program has been practised for many years throughout the world in numerous countries including the UK and the USA .. the stray cats are trapped .. vet checked .. desexed .. vaccinated and microchipped and returned to their group.

The cats are then put into a daily feeding program by carers who monitor their well being .. this takes a huge commitment on the part of the carers who feed their cats every day .. rain .. hail or shine for years.

The colony or group stabilises with no kittens and natural attrition takes place. .. the cats are healthy and are no longer a nuisance by hanging around bins etc for food .. several states in Australia practise TNR.

C.A.T.S. (Cats Assistance To Sterilise)  in Victoria is one organisation that has desexed several thousand cats over the years they have been operating.  in the USA is a great site to seek information on how to help any stray cats in your area with TNR.

Neutering or Desexing

The key to resolving any stray population is to stop it at the source.

Prevention is always better than the cure .. early age desexing of cats and dogs has been practised by respected agencies in Australia and overseas for decades.

Animal Welfare agencies assist with discount vouchers for speying and neutering so there is no reason to NOT have your pet desexed .. the myth that states that animals should have one litter is just that .. a myth!!!

Companion pets are healthier and better behaved with neutering before 6 months .. they are also less prone to injuries from protecting their territory and free from cancers later in their lives.
One more thought you may love your pet unconditionally but you cannot predict that other owners will do the same with your pets offspring.

If persons insist on their pet having a litter and selling the kittens then they should be considered to be a small business owner .. they would therefore have to register their business and pay taxes on their income.

It is a privilege to breed not a right and local councils should be encouraged to legislate change to the animal management guidelines to include a high registration fee for permission to breed .. make this fee only available for each litter not an annual fee.

In Australia alone 500,000 companion animals that are young and healthy are put to death each year .. 1500 animals per day .. this is an appalling indictment on our irresponsibility towards our companion animals.

Do not Breed or Buy
While Shelter Pets Die!!!

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